Wednesday at the Fair


Today's Schedule Of Events...
"Seniors Free Until 5 p.m."

 7 a.m. Gates open - Sponsored by Guernsey County Senior Center

 9 a.m. Jr Fair Events Begin - Schedule of events

10 a.m. Senior Entertainment @ The Pavilion - Guernsey Senior Center

11 a.m. Kid's rides open - Bates Bros.

12:30 p.m. Harness Racing

4:30 Celebrity Donkey Race (Sheriff Paden vs Mayor Orr)

5 p.m. Mule and Donkey Race

5 p.m.  All Rides Open - Bates Bros.

7 p.m.  - X-treme of Cambridge

*Tonight, and every night this year, grandstand seating is FREE 
Sponsored by Hess Corporation